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Star Stitch Cardigan

August 21, 2014


This is a perfect example of why it’s bad to have lots of projects on the go.  I finally looked into my crochet/knitting “work in progress” projects and found this gorgeous cardigan almost finished (1 hour crocheting until completion) and it’s sized 12-18 months. I started this before Orla’s first birthday and now she’s 21 months.  I’m a silly mommy!

I quickly finished if off, added a bead button (from my late grandma’s stash) and crossed fingers it would still fit Orla.

The yarn is Rowan Savannah 94% cotton, 6% silk.  It’s a hearty, nutty feel yet still soft for a toddler and I love the natural look it has.  The pattern is from Cute And Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes and has a sweet flowery/starry stitch.  It was one of the more complicated projects I’ve done but the surprisingly forgiving yarn has left it looking wearable-in-public, which is always the test for my homemade clothes.

Unfortunately after the initial excitement to try it on, by the time I got my camera out I could only capture her screaming “off!!!!” while trying to rip the button undone.  This wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for.


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Crocheted edge

January 17, 2013

I made a quick flannel baby blanket with fabric from Grandma’s stash. Now I’m going to try crocheting a lovely border around it.

children, create, crochet

Leg warmers

January 15, 2013

I adore these. I crocheted then for Orla and hopefully they’ll last a couple months before her legs outgrow then.
Simple half double crochet all around and then a simple flower to bling them up a bit.

children, create, crochet

Toddler scarf

November 30, 2012

Love how this turned out! This is a great source for crochet flowers, I followed the first one ( The pattern is from ravelry (

Bailey isn’t as interested as I had hoped. In a moment of bruised pride I told her I’d give the scarf to her friend if she doesn’t want it… she’s unfortunately very happy with that idea. Maybe in 2 years Orla will be interested.

(Btw, I’m writing on my phone so links aren’t pretty and my photos aren’t brilliant, but at least I can blog while breastfeeding!)

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wip wednesday

March 7, 2012

My crochet-a-granny-square-a-day new year’s resolution is progressing nicely! I haven’t given an update lately, so here’s the latest collection. I’ve removed all of my ugly practice squares and settled on two-toned squares. Now I just need to find more of the neutral outer color since I’ve run out. I love these little guys! 9 more months to go!

Thanks to
Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.

children, create, crochet

crocheted heart bunting

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! The older Bailey gets the more excited I get with each annual celebration! I want to share with her the fun of these occasional holidays and fun days (V day is a “fun day” not a holiday… I know). So her playroom got dressed in romantic bunting this year.

After seeing this inspirational post on Mollie Makes, I knew I had to crank some of these little hearts out quickly. I used a whole ball of yarn (a lovely gift from a friend!) for the hearts and then crocheted the maroon chain afterwards. (I really had to up my newly-acquired crochet skills for this!)

I’m not sure I’ll be packing this chain away until next February… I think we could do with a few hearts all year long. If not in the playroom, then definitely in B’s room.

Have a romantic day! xx

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wip wednesday

February 1, 2012

So going back to my plan to crochet a granny square a day, here is my January collection (although I am 2 squares short in this photo– but I’ve just misplaced the others from the beginning of the month shown here, I have at least 7 more). Since crocheting was new to me, I spent the first few weeks just experimenting and doing solid squares. But I quickly got into my grove and decided the pattern I’m going to continue with which I love! And now I can’t wait until December to see the full collection of squares (it will probably take all of 2013 to make them into a blanket).

As for my other WIPs, I have four projects on the go as gifts so I can’t give much away on them. I have one final “active” project which is Bailey’s bed quilt (which will be Oh Fransson’s Paintbox Quilt). It is progressing nicely although it takes ages to get the right fabrics that all match the solids. Fun task at least!

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.

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wip wednesday

January 11, 2012

My hand quilting is coming along on this lovely quilt. You can see the pink chalk from where I’ve outlined before quilting. A few more weeks and it will be done!

My first week of the year has been a good one for crocheting and my goal to crochet a granny square a day. Basic squares, but still a good start!

create, crochet, fabric, WIP

wip wednesday

January 4, 2012

(eeek, ugly post warning… I’ve misplaced my camera charger and I’m forced to take pictures on my phone! the quality is rubbish, apologies!!)

I’ve had a wonderfully productive start to the year so far! Thanks to a couple hours of “me time” on Monday, I was able to finish my free motion quilting of a long-time WIP and even begin its binding. I hope to report a FINISH by next week!!

I also finished hand piecing my newest quilt and have pinned it ready for hand quilting. (I still love the mix of having some machine and some hand projects on the go.)

I embarked on a new crochet project (more on this later) which tackles one of my new year craftolutions! And also tidied up my craft room which I am totally in love with (more on this later too!).
What a great start to 2012 (although must find camera charger… grrrr)!

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.


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