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little girl’s room

June 12, 2012

With the completion of Bailey’s quilt (although the original quilt I intended for her room is still incomplete), her room is near enough done!  Which is good because she moved herself into it two weeks ago.  Luckily with another little one expected in the autumn, I was slowly prepping her new room anyway.

I love the new pillow and quilt.  Many more pillows to come, I’m sure!  The bed was an ebay bargain — from the Ikea Kritter collection.

The pom-poms above her bed are gorgeous and really fun to look up at when lying down.  She likes to blow them to make them move.  She has a couple of peach ones hanging too which are leftover from her Californian cousins’ pack that are hanging above their cribs.

She has the best view from the house from her window– overlooking our neighbors’ perfect garden!

She has an art wall which will continue to change with her new creations.

She loves dinosaurs so I re-purposed a wooden maybe-once-a-drawer (?) into a dinosaur display.  (We used this wood (before it was painted red) for our wedding– painted “wedding” with an arrow to the garden onto the back of it!)

The shelves were a great give-away from a friend (although I mis-measured and they were too wide– so I had to saw off 2 inches from each shelf and put them back together again).  The desk was a 99p ebay find.  The half-decoupaged chest was a free “please take me” find from Whitstable and it’s full of her dress up clothes.  She can stand on it to use her chalkboard (clever “blackboard paint”– love it!). 

Finally we have her drawers and closet although she can only reach the bottom three drawers for now.

I love her room and I’ve loved decorating it. Just thought I’d have more time to complete it!  Not sure if anything will ever get its second coat of paint or if that dress up box will ever have its decoupage finished!

One thing is for sure… it needs some bunting!

children, create, paint

little girl’s desk

May 31, 2012
I found this lovely wooden desk on ebay and since it was “for collection only” and located in the middle of nowhere (15 min from my house) I knew I could get it for a bargain… 99p! What a steal!

It was a bit plain to begin with and needed a bit of love and attention.  So I bought some turquoise paint and, with Bailey’s help, gave it a makeover.

It’s now a main feature of Bailey’s new “big girl’s room”.  She loves the desk, especially because of the lift-up storage space and the shelf by her feet. 

create, paint

family tree

April 24, 2012

I’ve been quiet but very busy recently.  I have four secret projects on the go (hence the silence– it’s no fun not being able to share the suprises!). 

But one project that is progressing and isn’t a secret is our family tree wall mural. I love this idea and I was interested in the wall decals but they were about $150 so I decided to paint it instead. The tree is complete, just need to get the photos printed. Made with Farrow & Ball “London Clay” paint and a selection of vintage frames from eBay. I’m so excited to finish it! It’s on the second floor (“first floor” in the UK) just outside our bedroom on the way to the main bathroom.

children, create, paint

height chart

June 23, 2011

I was trying to figure out two things– how to chart Bailey’s height progress and how to decorate the new (very blank) playroom wall. Then it hit me– combine the two!

The playroom now has a painted garden which represents Bailey’s changes in height. We have four flowers (birth, 3 months, 9 months, 1 year), each one has a stem that corresponds to Bailey’s height. I love the decorative wall (decoration at a very low cost!) and it is future proof for Bailey (as she will continue to get taller) so flowers can just keep appearing higher and higher.


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