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baby boy London quilt

February 24, 2014

My best friend from childhood had her second baby boy in September.  I finally got round to finishing little Henry’s baby quilt in November to give it to him when I met him for the first time.  It’s a sweet little quilt and simple design. 

 The fabric is Makower UK and then supplemented with Kona solids.

I was horribly disappointed to see the fabric bled when I washed it.  You can see the red in the image above caused the surrounding white to go a bit pink. This has never happened before and I would never expect it to with quilting fabric. I know some people prewash, but I’ve never had a problem and I’ve made a lot of quilts. I was embarrased for this to happen on a gift. It’s one of a handful of the quilts I’ve made as a gift and I just can’t believe I’ve had to hand it over like this. I guess it adds to the ‘homemade’ appeal, but I still am so embarrassed. Not what I would expect.  
Luckily, I don’t think Henry will mind.  Welcome to the world, beautiful little man.

kick start the quilting

February 24, 2014

It’s been ages since I’ve quilted (and blogged!)… but that’s about to change. 

I’m hoping to finish a commissioned job by the end of March and also start a QAL with a friend: Triangle Quilt Along  Anyone else up for it?

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soul blossoms quilt

October 8, 2013






I love this quilt.  It’s the first commissioned quilt I’ve made and it’s a biggie– 2 meter squared.  The Soul Blossom fabric from Amy Butler is so dreamy, it makes me happy. 
I used my last day off before work to make the whole top (8-10 hours) having pre-cut the pieces already.  Then after going back to work I struggled to find the time but finally finished it off last week.
I quilted with straight lines randomly spaced and I used my lovely new Bernina (!!).  Complete with walking foot (never used it before) and the guide to space lines evenly– what a godsend!  This was my first whole project with the new Aurifil thread and I’m not disappointed.  I can’t wait for the next project and to eventually get into hand quilting with Aurifil. 
This quilt was a gift for a friend to give to her daughter as a house-warming.  She wanted to include some meaningful words and messages so I got them printed on Etsy onto lovely fabric labels and then framed the blocks on the back in them. She had 13 different phrases/words which worked really nicely.  She also wanted to include some owls, so there is a random strip on the back of Hooty Hoot by Riley Blake.
The best part was finishing the binding– as Autumn is on its way, I got cozy on the couch and worked on the binding for three nights, happily draped in meters of Soul Blossom.  So I know it’s a great couch quilt and will bring lots of warmth to Sophie and Sean.

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Picnic quilt

July 29, 2013

This is such an ugly quilt. I’m not sure what I was thinking. I bought the prints from Kaffe Fasset Westminster Rowan Fabrics because the boldness would go well in our lounge. But then I let the jelly roll gather dust until last year when I paired it with Kona solids jelly roll leftovers. And this ugly quilt is the result.
I do love the back, but as Simon pointed out, it’s basically a solid piece of fabric.  I didn’t hate it to start and I even hand pieced it. But by the end (after it had a good 9 months in the work-in-progress queue) I hated it, so I did the minimum with quickly machine quilting in the ditch between rows. 
I just hate it. I’ll use it for picnics and hope that grass stains and food spills may improve it over time. Maybe sun bleaching will help.
Anyone else made a quilt they hate?
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Aurifil newbie

July 27, 2013

My big purchase last weekend at the retreat was Aurifil. I’ve read so much about it but never used it. Ever since taking a dressmaking course where the instructor swore by Gutterman, that’s been my thread of choice. But these expert quilters who blog can’t be lying about the amazing Aurifil and it actually works out cheaper when bought in bulk like this. 
Simon wasn’t too impressed at the price considering it’s just a bunch of ugly thread (next year I’ll try colors in weight 12 for hand quilting). I opted for the basics to get started weight 50.  The lovely Elita ( last week swore by it and she definitely knows her stuff so I’m trusting this was a good purchase. The Aurifil man was at the retreat, suitably Italian, and luckily let me buy it before the official marketplace opened as I was going to miss it. But then why not let me give him £80?! (Yes, I almost choked as well)
Just starting a new quilt with my newly wound bobbin of the good stuff. Let’s see…
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Fat Quarterly Retreat

July 23, 2013

Check out the goody bag contents! By far the best goodie bag I’ve ever had, but I realise I’m comparing it to diapers and butt rash cream (Bounty bags given after having a baby) and blister healing pads (marathon goody bags)! Regardless, it would be very hard to beat this Liberty bag (fine cord, so so soft!) full of Aurifil, Moda, Riley Blake, harberdashery bits, scraps (I’d pay good money for the collection I received) and London print fabric. Thank you thank you!!
The retreat itself started out a bit like Girl Scout camp (interesting as it was hosted in Baden Powell House– home of scouting) where you could easily see the girls who had been before and those of us newbies a but unsure what to do. Luckily I met some great gals straight away and continued to throughout the weekend (mostly Americans living in Europe).  
I loved English Paper Piecing and definitely caught the bug. I won’t be reading anymore I decided– that was the one positive returning to work next week… I thought I’d read a book again (hasn’t happened since Orla was born). But now that I’m paper piecing… I’m addicted! 
I could go on and on about the weekend, but I’ll try to keep it short. I came away realising I don’t know much about anything. Slightly more of a knock back than is healthy I think, but I’ve got a plan (trying to turn it to inspiration!)…
– make bags (I had serious bag envy! I never thought it was worth the time but after seeing the worth-prison-time-to-steal bags, I’m gonna make some) 
– blog/network more online to learn from the incredibly gifted and creative quilters out there
– branch out from just using prepackaged fabric sets
– go again to a retreat (hopefully
I loved the weekend, loved the ladies I met, loved the ideas… just want more time now.
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fat quarterly retreat

July 9, 2013

I’m off to the Fat Quarterly retreat in two weekends and I’m a bit nervous.  Not because of the retreat itself but because it will be the first time I’m away from Orla for a night (never mind the days!).  I don’t have much time to focus on preparing for the weekend or even time to get excited… I’m so busy working on Orla’s schedule and detachment from me!

I am hoping to escape and not worry too much and instead fully enjoy the retreat.

I’m excited to be part of the following classes:

  • Spring Carnival (Friday– English paper piecing)
  • Fantasy Fabric Shop (Saturday– color pairing)
  • Hand Quilting with Mandy (Saturday– hand quilting)
  • Precision Piecing (Sunday– perfect piecing)

A quick introduction to me…

…this is me (with my gals).  I’m a San Diego girl living in the UK now for 12 years with my British husband and two girls (8 months and 3 years).  I started quilting on my 31st birthday (just under 3 years ago) and definitely am fabric-obsessed. 

Due to the little one and her feeding needs, I’ll be disappearing early on the Friday night but Saturday I’m planning to stay in a hotel nearby to the retreat.  My first night away since my second baby was born!! 

I’m looking forward to meeting other crafters/quilters/creative types, learning from the exciting classes and of course sleeping in Sunday morning!

I’m struggling to get my head round all I need to prep and bring with me.  Just making a name badge now as shown above (I seemed to have missed the swap sign up (!?!?) but I don’t want to be the only nameless attendee so I’m quickly knocking something together).  I hope to bring my machine with me and I’d love to bring home lots of inspirational purchases/makes!!

See you in a few days…

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Sophie’s quilt

June 30, 2013
Baby quilts are so fun to make and this was especially fun because of the little girl’s name.  Little Sophie came into this world in March this year, right around the time I was working with “Sophie” fabric from Chez Moi for Moda.  Perfect match!


Big and small circles with fmq stippling quilting, all machine sewn.  Everything from the Sophie range (except the plain white).  

My favourite part is the inclusion of Sophie’s name in print from the fabric selvages.  On the front she has her name just once…


… and on the back, dividing the large white block, she has her name multiple times.


I love selvages anyway and always cut mine from fabric to work with later, but to be able to include them for a special reason like this is awesome.  What a beautiful name and luckily some beautiful fabric to pair with it!  

Welcome to the world, Sophie!!
children, create, fabric, feature, quilt, sew

twin quilts

May 4, 2013

I’ve been quiet about this great project until today– my American neices’ 2nd birthdays!  This has been such an enjoyable project and I love the result! 
My sister-in-law requested the fabric (“Sophie” by Chez Moi for Moda) and it was delightful to work with for the girls.  I wanted the quilts to be different but similar so I opted for circles and rectangles. 

The circles quilt has FMQ stippling on just the white fabric, so the circles stand out more. It’s all machine sewn except for finishing the binding.

I opted for “stitch in the ditch” for the rectangles quilt which makes it a very poofy quilt!

To tie in with each other, the quilts have a strip of the opposite quilt for the backs (i.e. the circle quilt has a strip of rectangles on its back) and they have binding made from the opposite’s backing fabric.

Washed, dried and ready for wrapping.  Happy birthday, V & C!  I hope you like these!

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