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memory quilt with silk ties

April 3, 2014

I started photographing the quilt but then I was admiring the magnolia tree so much and the birth of Spring in my garden, I got distracted.

This is one of the scariest quilts I’ve made.  Not frightening itself, but the process definitely was.  It’s a comissioned quilt for a lady, made from her deceased father’s silk ties, shirts and her mother’s apron and tablecloth.  The pressure of making a quilt for someone else, I find slightly stressful anyway (what if she doesn’t like it!?), but add to that making the quilt from silk and meaningful material (which I can’t get more of)… scary!

Thankfully I found this excellent blog post about preparing silk ties for quilts, by Mamaka Mills.  I nervously chucked the ties into the wash and voila, they were clean and still perfect.  I even put the finished quilt into the wash (40 C) and dryer (light heat with frequent checks) and I’m glad I did because the dryer really finished off the lovely quilted look.  So it can be done… but I definitely wouldn’t do it often if I want to preserve it.

The front is made entirely from a white tablecloth, blue apron, two silk ties and two men’s shirts.  For the back I chose Liberty Tana Dawn Meadow because the colours were so complimentary and since it’s for a grandmother to use–  I liked the traditional and beautiful style of Liberty.  Binding in the same Liberty.

It’s 4′ x 3′, perfect for a couch lap quilt to keep warm reading a book. 

Hope she likes it…

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soul blossoms quilt

October 8, 2013






I love this quilt.  It’s the first commissioned quilt I’ve made and it’s a biggie– 2 meter squared.  The Soul Blossom fabric from Amy Butler is so dreamy, it makes me happy. 
I used my last day off before work to make the whole top (8-10 hours) having pre-cut the pieces already.  Then after going back to work I struggled to find the time but finally finished it off last week.
I quilted with straight lines randomly spaced and I used my lovely new Bernina (!!).  Complete with walking foot (never used it before) and the guide to space lines evenly– what a godsend!  This was my first whole project with the new Aurifil thread and I’m not disappointed.  I can’t wait for the next project and to eventually get into hand quilting with Aurifil. 
This quilt was a gift for a friend to give to her daughter as a house-warming.  She wanted to include some meaningful words and messages so I got them printed on Etsy onto lovely fabric labels and then framed the blocks on the back in them. She had 13 different phrases/words which worked really nicely.  She also wanted to include some owls, so there is a random strip on the back of Hooty Hoot by Riley Blake.
The best part was finishing the binding– as Autumn is on its way, I got cozy on the couch and worked on the binding for three nights, happily draped in meters of Soul Blossom.  So I know it’s a great couch quilt and will bring lots of warmth to Sophie and Sean.

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for sale

July 22, 2013








Well today is an exciting day! I’ve filled the local shop window at No 84 (facebook) with my homemade dresses, buttons, hair ties and quilts.  Everything is for sale at the café for the next two weeks!


Bunting quilt for sale

July 18, 2013

This is the first quilt I’ve ever made knowing it was to sell. Although I enjoy quilting and I love how this sweet baby bunting quilt turned out, it felt slightly soulless not knowing for whom I was making it. 

I’m setting up shop in the local cafe on Monday for two weeks and I already had a baby boy’s quilt to sell (made in case my sister-in-law had a boy last year) so I felt I needed a girl’s quilt as well. These will be for sale with dresses, fabric buttons and hair ties. I’ll post more details next week!

This was made with my leftover Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda material. 

Hopefully someone will love it!

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smock pinafore dress

July 3, 2013

This dress came from a pattern I bought a year or two ago.  I love how sweet and flirty this smock is with the full skirt.  It’s not a true dress because it opens at the back and therefore it is in the least expensive bracket of just £16 ($25). 

The bow at the back is discrete and pretty.  It’s best worn with a top and leggings.  Bailey adore this dress because of the fullness of the skirt– she loves “poofy dresses” right now.

The bodice is lined but not the bottom.  This is the only dress that isn’t fully lined.  This beautiful dainty fabric is upcycled from vintage sheets!  But I have many other versions of this dress in other prints.  So far I only have this in size 2-3 years, but as it’s a tie-back, it’s very easily worn until 4 years I think.

children, create, fabric, sew, shop

flower dress

June 29, 2013

This was originally what I called the “flower dress” because of the obvious flower.  But as I made some of the other styles, I started to add flowers so it’s no longer this pattern’s USP but instead really the only feature.  It’s the most basic dress I’m making with just a simple A-line shape and still fully lined.  And it’s in the bargain bracket, selling for just £16 ($25), so it’s a steal!

It seems a bit dull now but I wanted to offer a cheap choice.  Due to its simplicity, the fabrics and additions of buttons and flowers really make the dress (and of course the little beauty wearing it).

This particular dress shown is using the “Sophie” range from Chez Moi for Moda.  It was leftover from the twins’ quilts I made in April and it’s so delicious. 
The flower is reinforced around the edge but also intended to fray (fluff?) a quarter inch to add a bit more character.  
I’d happily spend £16 on this so hopefully others will too…
children, create, dress, fabric, feature, shop

ruffle dress

June 28, 2013


The ruffle dress is one of my favorites.  It’s another top price dress at £20 ($31) because the ruffle takes me ages to make.  Some versions have different fabrics for the ruffle which adds a nice touch.  I made this dress pattern after seeing a photo of a darling ruffle dress. 
I adore this fabric and I’m not even sure where it came from.  I didn’t buy it specially, I had it in my stash.  I really wish I could squeeze into this myself.


Once again, fully lined.


I added some lace trim to this one because it’s a bit short.  I love the daintiness so I’ll definitely add this to a few more. 
Again– multiple versions of this dress pattern in different sizes too.

children, create, dress, fabric, shop

bubble dress

June 27, 2013

The first dress to showcase is the “bubble dress”.  I love this cloud-like dress and all of its poofiness.  The length falls around the knee plus/minus a few inches.  It’s not floor length though or too much of a mini.  I’m starting off selling these for £18 (about $27) (note, price has since gone up to £20) which is the most expensive price bracket so far.  They aren’t quick dresses to make with the need to handstitch the lining dress to bodice.

They are all made of different fabrics and some have fabric flowers on the bodice.  I bought this fabric ages ago and made a full pleated skirt for myself, so it’s funny to now make mini dresses out of it.  Maybe I’ll make one for Bailey and Orla so we gals can all match.  

It’s fully lined which is pretty key I think.  Since I’m selling them it’s really important for them not to look “homemade”.   They look much more professional if they are fully lined.  Plus, how lovely is a lined dress!?

Now for the best news… I sold one!  My first sale!  My friend asked to see them before her daughter’s third birthday and bought this one.  I was honoured to be asked and so thrilled that she bought one.  It’s really nerve-racking selling to a friend and watching her browse them all– I want them all to be perfect and for buyers to fall in love with them.  I also really want them to seem worth the price!

I have many bubble dresses made now in different sizes and prints.   Hopefully they’ll sell!

children, create, fabric, sew, shop

barnyard bunting

September 16, 2011

My first ever Etsy order! I love bunting, so this request to custom-make some “farmyard bunting” for a first birthday party in the states was a great task.

The fabrics were fun to collect with the theme. Animals, plaid and John Deere.

And I think it goes very well in our cherry tree!


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