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triangle QAL week 4

April 15, 2014

Definitely not the best photo I’ve taken, but you get the idea.  The top is finished!!  I need to square up the edges and buy some backing fabric.  Not sure what I’ll go with yet, need to have a think.  Maybe grey? 

Glad to be keeping up with the QAL so far…

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triangle QAL week 3

April 10, 2014

This was an intense week of sewing to complete the triangle QAL task for week 3.  It was probably 5 hours in total to piece all of these rows together.  But they are gorgeous… so I’m a happy gal!

Once I got into a system, I sped through them.  I chain-pieced where possible and kept a photo of my initial layout so I could keep referring back to it and place the triangles in order again. 

If you’re interested in this quilt, check out the details on

create, fabric, quilt, sew, WIP

triangle QAL week 1

March 27, 2014
I am excited to start this triangle QAL, hosted by  I’ve chosen my fabrics as shown here and will hopefully be able to keep up with the weekly progress.  I love these colours and I’m proud to say I selected them from different fabric packs and designers!  I usually play it safe and just buy a fabric pack made to go together, but this selection mixes 6 different fabric packs.  Yeah me!  I hope I can name them all– they were partially gifts from my last birthday (thank you Luckhurst family!)
  • “Petite Street” by Wendy Kendall
  • “Sew Stitchy” by Aneela Hoey (to whom I credit my quilting addiction!)
  • STOF “Pure Style”
  • “Nordika” by Jeni Baker
  • Me and My Sister designs (left over from bunting I made my nieces two years ago) 
  • Joel Dewberry “Modern Meadow”
I’m currently rushing to finish another commissioned quilt (getting there!!) so that definitely takes priority right now.

create, quilt, sew, WIP

First block finished

January 8, 2013

I’m supposed to make 36 of these for this quilt, we’ll see if I have the patience to wait that long or if I’ll make a baby quilt instead

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wip Wednesday

November 28, 2012

Wednesday work in progress update, I’m making a toddler scarf for Bailey since she is recently obsessed with scarves. It’s taking much longer than I expected but I guess it’s because of the small needles and life with a newborn.

The red yarn is so soft and fluffy, it’s really beautiful and I chose a simple pattern from ravelry

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.


craftolutions update

August 29, 2012

Having realized we’re 75% into the year, I think it’s a good idea to check up on the progress of my craftolutions.

  • learn to crochet (great starter project) DONE!!
  • make Bailey’s bed quilt (Oh, Fransson’s paintbox quilt)  DONE sort of. I made a different bed quilt for her and this one is still in progress (so hard to gather all of the fabrics!)
  • try English Paper Piecing (excellent tutorial & hopefully make a quilt as beautiful as this) DONE sort of.  I learned to paper piece (see the herringbone block above)– not sure if this is the same as English Paper Piecing? 
  • give a gift of a quilt (I’ve never given away a quilt– this is a big step to separate with such a loved one!)  DONE!! this beauty was a gift
  • make a quilt for my bedroom (either a simple white one or a “moody sea” one– something similar to the top half of this quilt from Kim EichlerMessmer)  NO and probably no chance of it being finished this year.  I’m struggling to find a pattern and material that would fit our room.  Plus, I’ve completely prioritized baby quilts.
  • attend a craft show (just registered for Stitch & Craft in March! would really love to attend the Festival of Quilts in August at the NEC)  NO.  hmm this could be achieved easily if I went to the craft show in Bluewater but I was really disappointed last year so it’s not worth it.  There’s another I was going to go to September but dates clash with something else now.  I opted not to go the NEC for the quilt show because I didn’t think the show was what I hoped it would be… so actually I’m ok not doing this one.
  • do something with felt (thinking finger puppets)  DONE sort of.  I have a lovely collection of felt numbers I’m making for Bailey… I need to finish the last few and job done!
  • knit or sew a softie (similar to this)  DONE!! elodie is a lovely little softie

So that means…

  • Done:  3/8
  • Done sort of:  3/8
  • No: 2/8

I think I’m pretty pleased about that.


wip wednesday

August 29, 2012

I’m sorry to say my plan to crochet a granny square a day isn’t going well.  I stopped in March once my train-commuting for work ended (I was a very productive crocheter on the train) and I really have gotten behind.  Last night when I revisited the project I had forgotten even how to make a granny square!  Two hours later, I was back in full swing so hopefully I can start cranking these guys out again. 

Here are my calculations…

  • 71 made
  • 124 days remaining in 2012
  • 295 squares to finish before year end (leap year!)
  • 2.4 squares to make per day

I hope I can handle that.  The good news is I have enough yarn in the right colors to complete these squares.  Just need the (wo)man-power now.

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.

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wip wednesday

August 22, 2012
Now that I only have two months left of work before maternity leave begins, it’s really hit me that time to make things is running out!  Last maternity leave I filled my time with knitting while B napped, but this time B won’t be napping while the baby (hopefully) is so I won’t have my create time.  I’m also really excited to make as many quilts as I can before then!  Never can have too many quilts for a baby. 
So I’m continuing next with a unisex quilt.  I made the circles from scraps leftover from my next planned baby boy quilt… and since this is faster to make than that quilt, I’m progressing with this one.  I love the circles and the fun bold colors.  The yellow background is leftover from bunting I made my twin nieces.  The other side will be a beautiful (why didn’t I take a pic?!) fun colorful piece leftover from my grandmother’s stash (I love that it will be used for her great-grandchild). 

I plan to fuse the circles to the background and then only quilt the background, to allow the circles to stand out more.  When I was searching for my bondaweb, I came across Grandma’s!  Who knows how old these are but they’ll be used in this quilt for her fourth great grandchild. 

Grandma passed away just over a year ago so I get tears when I see her beautiful handwriting on this pack.  I doubt she would have gotten around to using it herself and she’d love for it to be used in this way. 
Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.


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