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color party cake

June 27, 2011

For Bailey’s first birthday we had a color party. After a quick Google search I was thrilled to find a perfect cake idea.

I made a basic sponge cake recipe, as I was going for looks not taste. Then divided the mixture into six separate dishes to add food coloring gel (apparently it’s important to use gels and not usual food coloring drops).

I then nervously made circles of the color in two 7″ dishes with the opposite rainbow order in one of them.

The end result was exactly as I hoped! The one with purple in the center was much prettier than the opposite order, so that was going to be the top. And it was obvious I shouldn’t ice the cake because it would cover up the beautiful colors!

I then stuffed it full of whipped cream and fresh raspberries and blueberries. I really loved the cake and it was perfect for the color party!

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