bag/toolkit makeover

July 26, 2013

I came back from the retreat with serious bag envy.  Mostly for larger bags which hopefully I’ll get round to making this next year, but also for the small bags.  Everyone had cute bags to house projects in progress, scissors, mini set of tools, etc.  I’ve always used a stiff, plasticy bag that I got free with a magazine.  It’s an awful bag and the zipper sticks…. nothing cute about it.  I like pretty things so why not make pretty things that I will use every day?  Makes sense.
So I decided to do something about it… I’m too impatient to make anything grand when I want immediate results so I went with simple projects to finish in one night and I’m really happy with the turnout.  Travel sew kit (mostly used on the couch at home and on the train since I can just pop it in my purse), work-in-progress bag, thread catcher (love this concept!) made from scrap silks I had, scissors protector (to make sure they don’t puncture my cute new travel sew kit bag), and a makeover for my travel pincushion (complete with felt side to separate needles from pins) since it was so ugly before.
The night the retreat ended I hand-stitched the little project bag with two of the fabrics and zipper from the retreat goody bag… I loved making something immediately with my freebies!  It’s currently occupied with my English Paper Piece project (Katy’s Spring Carnival tutorial, started at the retreat).

I’ve got tools to be proud of now, so I’m happy to stitch some more…

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