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birthday cowl

October 1, 2012

I found this beautiful wasabi cowl pattern and added it to the “to do” list. Coincidentally, Simon got me this exact type of yarn for my birthday in beautiful reds and pinks. So I took the pattern and new yarn to craft night, the night before my birthday (I had an accidental sneak peak at Simon’s bday gift so was able to request opening it early in time for craft night).

The pattern says it can be completed within an hour, but with such delicious cakes, pots of tea and friendly faces at craft night, I wasn’t as productive as I could be and only completed half of it.  (And inbetween cakes and conversation I also lost my place in the pattern and ended up with a mix of purl/knit on each side… still looks pretty though!).  The button was a gift from another crafter (the crafter who is responsible for my pattern mistake!)  on the night which works perfectly for size and color. 

I was able to finish the cowl the following day (on a ferry ride to France!) and although it definitely is different to how it should look, I love it and won’t be unstitching it to do it as intended!   I have two more skeins of this gorgeous yarn so I may make a matching hat or fingerless gloves.

Happy birthday to me!

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