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bubble dress

June 27, 2013

The first dress to showcase is the “bubble dress”.  I love this cloud-like dress and all of its poofiness.  The length falls around the knee plus/minus a few inches.  It’s not floor length though or too much of a mini.  I’m starting off selling these for £18 (about $27) (note, price has since gone up to £20) which is the most expensive price bracket so far.  They aren’t quick dresses to make with the need to handstitch the lining dress to bodice.

They are all made of different fabrics and some have fabric flowers on the bodice.  I bought this fabric ages ago and made a full pleated skirt for myself, so it’s funny to now make mini dresses out of it.  Maybe I’ll make one for Bailey and Orla so we gals can all match.  

It’s fully lined which is pretty key I think.  Since I’m selling them it’s really important for them not to look “homemade”.   They look much more professional if they are fully lined.  Plus, how lovely is a lined dress!?

Now for the best news… I sold one!  My first sale!  My friend asked to see them before her daughter’s third birthday and bought this one.  I was honoured to be asked and so thrilled that she bought one.  It’s really nerve-racking selling to a friend and watching her browse them all– I want them all to be perfect and for buyers to fall in love with them.  I also really want them to seem worth the price!

I have many bubble dresses made now in different sizes and prints.   Hopefully they’ll sell!

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