craft room tidy

November 4, 2013

I was inspired by recent posts from other bloggers about their craft rooms and decided to tidy up my workspace.  I’m so pleased with the result as it’s very organised, color-sorted and I have more room now.

Sorting fabrics into uniformly folded pieces is so therapeutic– it’s like going to a fabric shop every time I dip into my stash.  And you can see what colors are needed.  From these photos I can see I need more purple fabrics, definitely.

The handy button holder on the door is awesome too– I’ve used it to store some of my grandma’s collection and it’s making use of otherwise dead space there. 

I even managed to tidy the left side of the closet– the right is all fabric and the left is “everything else ‘art'”.  My yarn collection was getting crazy, but it’s fairly tamed now and limited to one shelf (although erupting).

I’m a messy crafter when I get really busy but at least I regularly take time to tidy up to keep sane!

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