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crocheted heart bunting

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! The older Bailey gets the more excited I get with each annual celebration! I want to share with her the fun of these occasional holidays and fun days (V day is a “fun day” not a holiday… I know). So her playroom got dressed in romantic bunting this year.

After seeing this inspirational post on Mollie Makes, I knew I had to crank some of these little hearts out quickly. I used a whole ball of yarn (a lovely gift from a friend!) for the hearts and then crocheted the maroon chain afterwards. (I really had to up my newly-acquired crochet skills for this!)

I’m not sure I’ll be packing this chain away until next February… I think we could do with a few hearts all year long. If not in the playroom, then definitely in B’s room.

Have a romantic day! xx

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