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July 16, 2012

What a productive Saturday!  With Simon and Bailey popping out for a long B&Q trip plus Bailey’s 2+ hour nap, I really had a chance to finish up some projects I’ve had on the go for awhile. 

First, the A&A wanna-be muslin blanket for a baby girl is complete (didn’t finish the boy’s yet) with a simple edge.  It’s beautifully heavy and will provide a lot of comfort for a little one.  I’m excited to wash it a few times to wear it in a bit.

Then I finally finished her block out blind for the top of her door.  The house has lovely glass windows above the doors which makes for a goregous house but very impractical for little sleepers.  So Maisy fabric and black out lining took care of the sun/hall light spilling into her bedroom. 

And another one which I had forgotten about was this large pillow for our bedroom.  The little two were finished ages ago but I stopped before finishing the big one.  Saturday Bailey and I had a clear out of under the guest bed and I found this huge cushion again.  It’s nice to have it complete and also out from under the bed! 

Small projects, but feels great to have them out of the way!

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