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knitted frog & turtle

January 18, 2012
It’s a frog…

… and now it’s a turtle!
My first reversible project! I started this little toy almost exactly one year ago when I was on maternity leave and visiting my parents in California. I stopped it when I went back to work March of last year and only discovered it when I went hunting for yarn for my crochet-a-granny-square-a-day project. I couldn’t believe I had left this project for 9 months!! I guess when the quilt addiction took over, I forgot everything about knitting.

I picked it up again this weekend (had to remember how to knit and cast on again!) and finished it finally. Bailey wasn’t as impressed as I would have liked, but hopefully she’ll soon love switching from turtle to frog and back again.

It was definitely a testing project– multiple double-sided neededles, new techniques and time-intensive. But I’m in love with it! I’m already excited about my next project from the same book itty-bitty toys by Susan B Anderson– Princess and the Pea (I’ll start with three mattresses and see how it goes from there).

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