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March 27, 2013

I have thoroughly enjoyed redecorating Orla’s nursery room. Bailey moved into it at age 9 months and her personality then was very different to Orla’s now so it had to be redone. 
Walls are now powder blue.  The pink giraffes (mommy and baby) are my favourite.  It was inspired by a print I found on pinterest and it was easy to paint on the wall.

This is Bailey’s chair so she has a bit of real estate in the nursery still.  She uses it when I feed Orla, since she likes to be with us at all times!  The beautiful print above it was a gift for Orla’s birth and it suits the room perfectly with the colors!


I love my little dinosaur bunting that I made when I was pregnant with Bailey.  Tiny little strand of them.


The pom poms are beautiful over Orla’s crib.  Hanging from the light in the middle of the room is a bird mobile I made when pregnant with B.


Never too many baby quilts!

The wardrobe was the same for B.  We got if free from freecycle and painted it zebra pattern.  I’ve always loved it!


Even the door has pretty fabric– it’s glass so we needed to block out the light.

Here’s a “before” picture of the nursery (this is where the giraffe is now).


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