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July 11, 2011
I’m really trying to improve my baking skills, so any chance to make and decorate desserts I’ll happily give it a go! I decided Simon’s poker night was a good reason (cooking for hungry men is always more rewarding than cooking for dieting gals) to make cupcakes. Not exactly “manly” but Simon agreed to it (even with cutesy playing card decorating!) as long as I didn’t use my cupcake stand. The cake stand was acceptable, but not the cupcake stand (it’s tiered and paisley).

I decided they needed chocolate. I used this recipe: Libbie’s chocolate cupcakes.

The first batch were a bit gooey, which I’m a big fan of, but not everyone is so I cooked the second batch longer. They were delicious and very moist.

Then I made a mess. I think the butter was too cold so the powdered sugar didn’t blend in quickly. I had covered (!!) the kitchen in a sugar coat. I was still in my work clothes as well so my suit skirt was caked in it too (why didn’t I wear an apron?).

I used a vanilla butter cream recipe for the frosting (recipe here) which I had successfully used the week before for banana muffins, but I wasn’t that impressed this time.

At the end I decided to soften the manly cupcakes and piped on pretty frosting and then made little playing card marshmellow tops (suprised Simon let me get away with these!). Using red and black frosting I attempted to draw hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

They got good reviews… but they were only sampled after six pints of Stella/Fosters/Carling.

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