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sherbet pips wall hanging

July 11, 2011

I love Sherbet Pips Moda fabric (by Aneela Hoey) and finally I’ve made something with it! I needed a small wall hanging in the guest room (aka craft room) and the colors from Sherbet Pips work beautifully with the different pinks and the grey. I’ve saved the blues and reds in the fabric collection for a future project. I love the innocence and girly freedom in the print– it suits the room perfectly since it’s my craft room!

I used my sewing machine (no hand stitching this time) to make a simple, fun striped quilt (well, not technically a quilt but could be). The widths vary between 1″, 3″ and 5″.

My favorite part is the girl on the swing. She only appears once in the piece.

I had to laugh at my Friday night. Fosters and sewing. I’m not sure if that’s normal practice but I definitely enjoyed it.

I was unsure how to best hang it but in the end decided to stretch it over a wooden frame. It was the first time I’ve done this and I find it difficult to do it evenly (or maybe it was because of the two Fosters). On a piece like this with hard right angles, it’s obvious that I didn’t achieve a perfect stretch, but I think it just adds more character to it.

I’m not completely sold on its current location, so it may get moved so a different wall in the guest room, but for now it’s above the bed. I will make a couple of cushion covers for it soon so the bed has some Sherbet Pips beauty as well.

Now for the other blank walls in this room…

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