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July 13, 2011

As many other crafters do, I am going to begin my Work In Progress (WIP) posts to share my current projects and to hopefully encourage myself to complete them.

These are the current fabric projects I can think of (probably others I have forgotten!) that I have begun and not finished…

Scruffily Quilt
I cannot contain my excitement. I came home from work and saw two ebay arrivals containing two of my three “Just Wing It” by Momo for Moda purchases. This is my first organized quilt project (
Scruffily Quilt), my second quilt ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more beautiful start of a project. Honestly. Part of me doesn’t want to touch it, it’s so beautiful. Part of me wants to rub it all over my face! I am so excited to start cutting. Tonight I begin!


sherbet pips pillow

I need a pillow for the guest bed to match the wall hanging. This is a quick project that should be done by my next WIP report.


color quilt
I started this in October when I first caught the quilting bug, but now I’m taking a step back to really learn more about quilting by following organized patterns rather than just create my own. I need to understand more about selecting colors, sizing, etc. I think this will be a quilt that just bubbles along in the background.


little girl curtains
I was shopping in John Lewis sales yesterday when I found curtain fabric on sale (only £6/meter!!). This fabric is perfectly suitable for a little girl’s room and, although I would like to wait for Bailey to choose her own fabric for her future room (once she moves out of the nursery), we will be using the “spare room” in the meantime for guest overspill. And guests need privacy with some type of curtains. Sale material + need curtains = new project.
I like that this fabric is girlie, educational and fun. I think and hope it will match easily with any other theme or color schemes Bailey chooses when the “spare room” becomes “Bailey’s room”. And most of all, I hope my second curtain project produces better and cheaper results than my first.


mini nursery curtains (no photo because Bailey is asleep in the nursery with the unfinished project)
I thought I completed the curtains for the nursery door (the door is partially glass and lets in too much light for our early-to-bed sleeper). I happily replaced the taped up cardboard makeshift “curtains” last week with the newly-sewn, lined flowery material. But then I realized my big mistake! The glass of course warrants pretty (not plain!) lining as it’s viewable in the hall! So I now need to undo them and replace the lining with more fun fabric or (more likely to happen) just cheat and stitch on some more fabric over the existing lining.


“remember, you are american” book
This is another project that I started at the start of my quilting phase. I thought it was a good idea to make Bailey a soft American book from this easy pattern so she learns all of the songs I used to sing before class began in elementary school (“America the Beautiful”, “Star Spangled Banner”, Pledge of Allegiance, etc). She needs a reminder (and sometimes so do I) that although she’s a Brit and lives in the UK, she’s also very much an American!
(I have to admit, because this is a less creative project and simply a follow-the-instructions project, I am not itching to work on it anytime soon. Plus how can I go from “Just Wing It” by Momo to this ugly wad of fabric (no offense, America)? But I should hurry it up so I can start relearning the songs myself and teaching them to B.)

New projects: 2 (little girl curtains & crazy mom quilts QAL)

WIP projects: (I know I should list a number here, but my heart starts beating fast when I count the projects. I don’t want WIP Wednesdays to become a stressful day and I don’ t want to feel like an unfinished project is a negative. Maybe this is too similar to work projects which associates WIP with something that needs completing. Of course, by definition, they need completing, but that isn’t the only objective. It would be sad for the WIP queue to be nil. So let’s just leave this stat mysteriously missing.)

Completed projects: 1 (Sherbet Pips)

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  • Kelly Irene July 14, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    The Momo fabrics are gorgeous and are going to look really good with that pattern! Enjoy making the quilt 🙂

  • LynCC July 14, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    I absolutely adore Just Wing It. 😀

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