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November 1, 2012
I became pregnant Novemeber 2011 and immediately started on a new baby quilt.  Unfortunately I miscarried the baby in January and therefore packed up the quilt in progress.  I became pregnant again right afterwards, but didn’t start on this quilt again until about 20 weeks into the pregnancy to be sure.  So this is a meaningful one to me.
I began hand sewing everything but the stippling quilting was taking way too long (amongst all the other projects).  So I had to make a decision last week to go ahead and finish off the quilting with machine FMQ.  I’m glad it’s done, but I do wish I could have finished it by hand. 
The squares each have a heart quilted onto them– some right side up and others upside down, alternating.
 Again, I forget the fabric I’ve used, but will hopefully update this when it comes to me.
The waffle white fabric on the front is from Grandma’s stash and the back is from her stash as well.  I love the tiny little blue flowers on the back, and it’s also soft (halfway to flannel) which is perfect.

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