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Hexagonal sheep quilt

July 5, 2020

I think this is my favorite quilt I’ve made. I started it many years ago (pre Ethan) and finished the top on my annual crafting getaway weekend in Whitstable with Suzi three or four years ago. It’s another lockdown weeknight project I’ve managed to prioritize and I absolutely love it.

I had planned to take it into a fabric shop to find the right backing but with little patience and lockdown shop closures, I opted instead for the mounds of almost-matching fabric I had in my stash. I added curved edges and I look forward to seeing it once through the wash and crinkly.

I’ve always loved sheep and when I found this fabric (so many years ago now– 2013 apparently as seen in this previous post) I loved finding a suitable quilt pattern to highlight the ovine beauties. The hexagons are paper-pieced.

I look forward to staying warm under these quilted wooly ladies.

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