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mug rug

September 12, 2011

My first ever ‘mug rug’. I thought I needed a pattern for this but then I just started sewing (by hand… more on this in a second) and just like my ironing board cover project, I realized how silly I was thinking I needed a pattern.

I’ve done this completely by hand and easily finished in a few hours. It was a great practice run of quilting in a design (not just straight lines as I’ve done previously) by hand and I’m confident now for future projects. I am not thrilled that I had to quilt by hand… this is because my machine starting choking a bit last night so I took it into the shop today. The lady at the local shop is a character. Her shop smells of cat urine and she’s a grumpy old woman. She looked at me with disgust when she learned I didn’t know how to oil my machine. My (seemingly plausible) excuse/reason of having bought the machine online from John Lewis, and therefore hadn’t had any tutorial on ‘sewing machine care’, didn’t seem to gain any points either. Anyway, at best case I’m without my Elna for 24 hours, at worst case… well… probably a few more band aids from hand-quilting-bleeding away from my Elna’s return.

So, I needed a simple handmade project. And when I decided on a mug rug (the ever-so-popular trend of quilters today) I quickly realized there was no reason for me to sit in my (absolutely gorgeous, comforting, girlie…) craft room all night without a machine and I packed up my necessities for a night on the couch downstairs (where the tv lives).

With, of course, a bottle of wine.

And, viola, after a few episodes of recorded Come Dine With Me, I have a place to rest my water jug and glass on my desk.

(If only I had made it large enough for my glass of wine as well.)

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  • Annabella September 13, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Adorable mug rug – I have two to make for a swap and I`ve never made one before…better get on!

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