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New year New quilt

January 7, 2013

I don’t need a new project since I already have at least 25 in progress (3 of those started since Orla’s birth), but I was inspired by a recent quilt book.

I also have access to my craft room again. Bittersweet. Mom is gone after two and a half months here.

I am doing a scrap-buster project. I’m excited! And very proud to have enough scraps (I think).

My craft room is back in full use and my first block is almost complete. Somewhere between hunting for my next scrap and checking in on a sleeping baby, I lost my threaded needle and I’m sewing this by hand. It was the one needle I have in my craft room (how ridiculous is that?!). Most are downstairs and I’m too lazy to go down to find them. So today’s quilting is over.

If my two beautiful daughters continue to coordinate their naps I hope to finish this within a couple months!

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