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wip wednesday

September 21, 2011

I’m having a good week (isn’t every week good when there is quilting?!).

Finished my Etsy barnyard bunting. Luckily the buyer was very pleased with the finishe pics (phew!). I was nervous making something for someone else but I have bit more confidence now that it’s gone well.

I am most proud and thrilled with my secret gift– I can’t post photos but trust me, it’s completed and posted! It’s for my brother’s twin girls. I meant to do it sooner since they were born in May but at least it’s finished now and will go very well in their bedroom! I’ll post photos once they receive it. I LOVE IT!

Other than that, I was given a lot of silk remnants and I’m having fun creating new projects with silk!

The first of these is a birthday gift for a friend (so I can only show snippets to keep it secret!)… I’m hand quilting this and hopefully it won’t take longer than a week. I’ve discovered silk isn’t as scary to work with as I feared! Why don’t more quilters use silk??

I’ve decided when I have a few minutes, I’ll make this beautiful silk piece into my newest guest room cushion. It’s the one in front– not sewn yet, just draped. Isn’t it magnificent?!

Then, back to my beautiful scruffily quilt– I decided after hand sewing ALL of the top piece, I just couldn’t do the quilting by machine. So I’ve cozied up on the couch to begin the long (and fun!) process of hand quilting it. I’m using lovely 100% cotton wadding/batting so I’m nervous about how close together I need to quilt, the back of the pack says 3.5″ is ok but I thought I read someplace that for cotton it’s best to do it closer since it shrinks in the wash.

This is the back of the quilt with the quilting pattern visible. My cousin chose the fabric when we were together for my grandma’s memorial weekend.

And finally (because I don’t have enough on the go) here is the start of a new project Down and Across lap quilt from Cozy Modern Quilts book– more on this another day.

WIP stats:
completed: 2 (barnyard bunting, gift for nieces)
new projects: 3 (cushion, friend’s secret gift, Down and Across quilt)
active wip: 2 (Around the Block quilt, Scruffily Quilt)

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