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September 7, 2011

This has been a surprisingly productive week. I flew back to California for my grandma’s memorial weekend (she just died age 91) and decided to work on a quilt on the flight. It worked well travelling with a quilt project– I cut and arranged all of the fabrics ahead of time (the layout above was my first attempt, but I changed the order), safety-pinned them into blocks, safety-pinned the rows and labelled everything well. Then with a spool of thread, pins, needles, travelling quilt ruler and small scissors (under 4″ is ok on airplanes these days) I was ready for the flight.

It was definitely funny to sew the blocks on the plane. The guy next to me was a bit bewildered I think. (Excuse the photos this post… I didn’t take the good camera with me so I only have photos from my phone).

I finished a third of the top on the flight which was really good progress and I continued throughout the weekend in the mornings when I woke up (jetlag has its benefits I guess). By the final day I realized I was close to finishing and needed to finish it on the trip for closure– it felt right to start and finish the quilt top on the trip so I will always remember the memorial weekend when I see the quilt (although after the weekend I now have bundles and bundles of to-be quilt material from my grandma’s stash over the years– I will look forward to making pieces specifically for her).

I am back in London and tired/jetlagged so I have only taken a photo of the finished top on my mobile camera again instead of getting out the proper camera (it is so beautiful it deserves more!). But hopefully this photo is clear enough to show just how gorgeous it is. I love it.


Current projects: 2 (farmyard bunting, secret gift)

Completed: 1 (scruffily quilt top)

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for organizing this weekly WIP.

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  • Annabella September 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I was thinking you must be on a domestic flight in the US and then I read that you were back in London…I had no idea you could take this kind of stuff on planes now…looks like you used your time well!

  • LynCC September 8, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    How nice to have some of your grandmother’s stash to make pieces that remind you of her.

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