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hungry caterpillar party

July 10, 2012

I don’t know how anyone ever planned a party without Pinterest.  I spent hours searching on Pinterest for the perfect ingredients to host a toddler Hungry Caterpillar party for B’s 2nd birthday.  And I’m so grateful for others’ creativity that I was able to copy!

The cake was what I was most concerned about.  I wanted to copy this great example but I never used ready-roll icing like this before so I was very nervous.  Luckily I discovered just how forgiving it is and after a few minutes I even started enjoying making it!!  I used Martha Stewart’s Blueberry-Lemon Bundt Cake recipe which was sooooo delicious and moist!

For the dress, I found on ebay a beautiful Monsoon white dress with butterflies embroidered on the top (how fitting!) so I decided to add a ruffle of Hungry Caterpillar fabric. (I wasn’t about to pay the Etsy prices for a Hungry Caterpillar dress!)

I had never made a ruffle before but found it very simple thanks to some online instructions (probably should have ironed it).  

And here she is, ready for the party in her new dress!  

Thanks to more Pinterest inspiration I went all out on the theme and had fun “pimping up the house” caterpillar style.

Of course all of the food from the book had to be present which made for a beautiful table arrangement (and a lot of baking!).  

I was amazed with how many Hungry Caterpillar themed items you can find online.  I love these cake wrappers and toppers (I think I bought on Amazon).  

And these personalized water labels are adorable (Etsy– lots of options, very reasonably priced!). 

Here is my little hungry caterpillar, starting on plums, just minutes before her first party guest arrived.  Happy birthday, my beautiful butterfly!!

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  • Catherine July 10, 2012 at 11:27 am

    what a lot of amazing ideas, just goes to show what can be done without spending a fortune! And I love the cake

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